Customer Service: The Lifeblood of Woodland

In all industries, successful transactions materialize from the idea that both parties want to treat, and be treated, fairly. Our philosophy at Woodland is no different. The success of our company is due to our golden rule mantra for customer service; treat customers in the same way we would like to be treated.

A mass-produced product that a consumer can see, before they buy, provides a pretty simple customer service transaction. But the consumer experience for bench-made furniture products creates an opportunity to offer something that people will expect to conform to what they think or feel; involving a much broader set of skills and understanding by our customer service team.

An heirloom-quality brand creates an inherent expectation to get it “just so” for the customer. Our customer service team both anticipates and understands that this gap between client expectations is much larger than simply walking into a store and making a purchase. Therefore, they are ready to answer questions regarding every aspect of the process (i.e; wood, finish, fit, payment, delivery etc.). This is why it is imperative that our customer service department have encyclopedic product knowledge. This knowledge spans over 200 products and over a million possible permutations.

This division, consisting of 4 professionals with 40 plus combined years of service, helps hundreds of people through the process of ordering, tracking, shipping and following-up. In a profession with historically high turnover and poor job satisfaction, our team has a high retention rate and continues to deliver time and time again, all with integrity and grace. It comes as no surprise that Woodland is often complimented as providing the best customer service in the business. Our customers love working with our staff and clients recognize them as the life-blood of this company.

One of our customer service reps put it best; the easiest customer service has a playbook, the best customer service does not. This role requires hard work, compassion and an in-depth awareness of people and the industry of high-end furniture.